About us

Bilwerks Media Limited are publishers of News Point Nigeria, which was founded on 12th, December 2022. The medium is geared towards being the voice for the voiceless. We are focused on advancing journalism and the right of the free press for people. We try our best to provide information that we believe is in the public interest and we create tools and tactics to help disseminate information of all kinds. We believe that above all else, the freedom of expression, in all forms, is a human right.

Our Strategy

There is a growing demand for a meaningful participatory media spaces – with different power dynamics – and an increasing expectation of journalism as a constructive force for good, rather than simply an “objective” chronicler of the news.

The business model for media is also broken, with many media in Nigeria going bankrupt during the pandemic – despite their information being more valuable than ever – because of a dependence on advertisers. Finally, exploitative and extractive practices have long been commonplace in media and other businesses.

We think there is a better way, therefore, we want to build something different. Thus, we will continue to produce journalism that can compete with the world’s most respected online newspapers, but we will chart our own path in defining what a progressive transformative online medium means.

News Point Nigeria is creating that transformation in the following ways:

* challenging the power structures within journalism, especially how stories are told and who sets the narrative;
* intentionally pursuing impact as central to the production of our journalism;
* bolstering our ability to pursue the most challenging stories;
* developing a viable model of mission-driven journalism;
* building a progressive online medium culture.

Our Mission

To impact positively on our the society, readers and clients by providing high quality, reliable and affordable media and PR outputs for promoting knowledge, political stability and economic prosperity in Nigeria and beyond.

Our Values


The Company

News Point Nigeria is a subsidiary of Bilwerks Media Limited.

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