Police, Military’s Attitude Frustrating My Fight Against Banditry – Zamfara Governor

GOVERNOR Dauda Lawal of Zamfara State has lamented the laidback attitude of the police and the military in combating the menace of banditry plaguing the North-West state.

He said the uninspiring attitude of Federal Government-controlled security agencies was responsible for the creation of the state security outfit, Community Protection Guard.

“We, as governors, don’t have control over the military, we don’t have control over the police as well as the civil defence. In most cases, we get frustrated,” the governor said during a live appearance on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily programme on Tuesday.

“When you need these people, they are nowhere to be found and the best thing to do is to set up that kind of security outfit.”

He said there are a lot of political undertones to the security issues in the state.

“Sometimes, when you’re really helpless. When you need them (security agents), they are not there. Even when they are there, they are given certain instructions on what to do and not what to do,” he said.

The governor said the marauding bandits whose kidnapping-for-ransom trade is booming in the state can be strangulated in two weeks with the right political will.

“In two weeks, we can take care of the situation but the political will are not there,” he said.

“We know who they (bandits) are. We know we they live. It’s just that there is no political will.”

Lawal alleged that some of his political foes are negotiating with bandits without his knowledge.

“At a point, I had to really come and say it clearly because when we are trying to take care of the situation, somebody somewhere is negotiating with the bandits without my knowledge,” he lamented, adding that the series of negotiation with bandits by previous administrations did not yield any positive results and there was no basis to continue with such venture which, he said, enrich the vicious marauders.

When asked whether he knows the identity of those negotiating with bandits, he said, “To some extend, we do.”

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