Yakasai Decries Emir’s Call On Northerners To Vote Their Own Next Election

ELDER statesman, Tanko Yakasai on Thursday cautioned the emir of Daura, Alhaji Umar Farooq Umar to resist being used to destroy healthy political systems in Nigeria by reinventing tribal politics.

Yakasai OFR in a signed statement titled “MY REACTION TO EMIR OF DAURA’S CODED  CAMPAIGN MESSAGE FOR PDP” that was made available to INDEPENDENT in Kano, noted that the unwholesome strategy designed by the defunct Northern Progressives Elements (NPC) to hoodwinked gullible Arewa public has no place in Nigeria politics today.

The elder statesman alleged that comment by former minister of Agriculture, Alhaji Sani Zango Daura that urged Northerners to vote for their own in the forthcoming elections and was subsequently re echoed by the first class emir was “not only divisive, unhealthy, but outdated.”

He said “I havd noticed an attempts by some political players trying to revive the already discarded pratice where some politicians were using some misguided traditional rulers to use their exalted positions to engage into political campaigns to denigrate some parties in order to undermine their standing in the society.”

Yakasai stressed “I see here a conscious effort by these two foremost Northern leaders to destroyed a pan Nigerian dream where every citizen can’t nurse a legitimate ambition”.

Tanko Yakasai said “Such negative tendencies and practices should be condemned by all well-meaning Nigerians, while it is also expedient  to oppose this dangerous attempt to turn back the history of our country whereby some  traditional rulers will be used by some politicians as tools to promote negative trend in political campaigns. “

He noted that “Although I am now an oldman I still have some strengths to fight such nagetive tendencies from raising their ugly heads in our present day healthy political atmosphere”.

Yakasai therefore urged “all Nigerians to join me in this fight in the interest of peaceful pursuit of any political ambition.”

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