Prince Harry Reveals Sibling Rivalry Over Africa

IN an interview with the UK’s ITV news channel, Prince Harry agreed when the interviewer said that he and his brother, Prince William, had a dispute over Africa.

In a highly personal and explosive 90-minute interview Harry, who now lives in California, agreed with the suggestion that he had a sibling rivalry with his sibling, which spilled over into charity work in Africa.

The prince conceded that his brother did not want him to get too involved in charity work in Africa because William saw the continent as his “thing”, in the words of interviewer Tom Bradby.

It is not the first time Africa has come up in Harry’s revelations about the Royal Family.

In yet another explosive series of interviews – his Netflix series released with his wife, Meghan, last year – Harry says that he and Meghan were making plans to move to South Africa, until the story was leaked to the press.

The Royal Family has not commented on any of the accusations made by Harry and Meghan. Although in 2021 when accusations of maltreatment surfaced in another interview, Buckingham Palace said that “recollections may vary” and wanted to address grievances held by the now California-based couple privately.

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