Ummita’s Murder: I Was Suffocated, I Stabbed Her On Reflex, Chinese Tells Court

THE Chinese national standing trial for culpable homicide, Geng Quangrong, has told Justice Sanusi Ado Ma’aji how he was held under pressure by his late girlfriend and struggled to regain freedom during the ugly scene.

Quangrong said that he did not want to inflict any life threatening injury on the late Ummukulsum Sani.

At the continuation of defence at State High Court, Miller road, yesterday, the accused person told the court that Ummukulsum brought a shape knife from her room and attempted to stab him, before he struggled to retrieve the dangerous object, an ugly trend that occurred in the presence of late Ummukulsum’s mother and sister.

According to Quangrong, “On that day, I had gone to return her dog and that was what actually brought me to her house that night of December 16, 2022. I was left outside in the rain for about 30 minutes. At a point, the younger sister to late Ummukulsum, Asiya came out to collect the dog but denied me entrance.

“After that, the mother later came to the gate to allow me in. As soon as I came in, the dog ran back to me. It was that moment Ummukulsum came out from the living room, and started raining abuses and slapped me severally. She later rushed back to the room and came out again with a sharp knife, attempting to stab me.

“She moved closer to me with the knife, I became jittery and quickly kept the dog away. On getting closer to me, I had to grab the knife in her hand before she struck. At that point, we both struggled with the knife. Eventually, I was able to twist her hands and took possession of the knife. As sooner as I dispossessed her, she then grabbed my penis and pulled me with it into one of the rooms.

Quangrong added: “As she was dragging me into the room, she was abusing me, calling her sister to invite police to arrest me for attempt rape and that she would also invite immigration to deport me. When we got to the room, she pushed me on the bed and held firm on my neck. It was at that moment I got frustrated and tried to release myself at all costs.

“Already, I had lost my eye glasses and found it difficult to see well and the light in the room was not very bright. So there was blurred vision in the room. Although I didn’t intend to hurt her, I felt suffocated and wanted to escape from the room. That was how I pulled out the knife in my hand and stabbed her on her shoulder”, Quangrong told the court.

Justice Ma’aji however adjourned the matter to February 7 and 8, 2023 for continuation.

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